International Conference on Innovation and Transformation In The Digital Age

  • February 1, 2023


10- 12 NOVEMBER 2023



Richard Pettinger, University College London, UK

Brij Gupta, Asia University, Taiwan

Alexandru Roja, Babes-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Ralf Wagner, University of Kassel, Germany

Diana Cozmiuc, Ioan Slavici University, Romania


Since 2010, digital technology has been sold by the digital sector to traditional industries. Existing companies are transformed into digitalized companies in an adaptive brownfield approach. Physical devices are transformed into intelligent connected devices or cyber- physical devices. Digital transformation refers to all organizational dimensions, industries, the economy and society as a whole. Market reports, such as IDC’s, show that the industries pertaining to digital economy have the largest and fastest growth in history and the market was expected to double as the Covid crisis has accelerated its growth.

This new socio-economic context gives academia a plethora of research topics, from highly analytical studies to new perspectives on the economy. It enables conceptual research, qualitative research, quantitative research, predictive studies.

Conversely, academia introduces new concepts to be developed empirically.


This conference gives participants the opportunity to present and listen to the latest research on the topic, as well as interact with

highly-valuable keynote speakers from the private sector.

CONFERENCE TOPICS (included but not limited to)

Automation; Hyperautomation; Digitalization; Digital Transformation; Digital Technology; Internet of Things; Enterprise Architecture; Business Process; Business Model; Digital Economy; Information and Communication Sector; Digitalized Economy; Digital Innovation; Disruptive Innovation; Digital Disruption; Combined Innovation; Ambidextrous Innovation; Digital Strategy; Digital Maturity; Roadmap; Lean Start-up; Venture Capital; Multistakeholder Value.


Conference Secretariat: TRIVENT Conference Office

Information concerning the scientific program Dr. Diana Cozmiuc, Ioan Slavici University